Taking an actual break edition

Baker's dozen edition. Antonym No. 13

HALO is a large-scale immersive installation made by renowned Brighton based artist duo Semiconductor following a residency at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. Step into an intricate mechanical structure operated by data collected at CERN which recreates the conditions shortly after the Big Bang.

HALO will feature in this year’s Brighton Festival as part of Lighthouse’s programme. More here.

Dear Reader

I’ve been on holiday this week, at home, naturally. Accordingly, apparently, I have less to share in this week’s newsletter.

What have I been up to in my time off?

  • A lot of running (by current standards, at least). A year after my first bout of Covid, I’m getting faster, running further and getting my mojo back. It’s hard to describe the sense of elation and relief this process of regaining my love of this sport is bringing me. I’m a runner at heart.

  • Finished re-reading Bring Up The Bodies (actually listening to the Ben Miles narration) and started The Mirror and the Light.

  • Also started Kindred, a delightful look at the growing body of knowledge about our evolutionary cousins, the Neanderthals.

  • Learned a bit more about how to use Adobe Illustrator, specifically to make Arabic patterns which I intend to laser-cut into stencils for some garden decorations.

  • Watched the fantastic Saint Maud and The Life of Brian, appropriately for Holy Week.

  • Got excited about the Brighton Festival going ahead this year. The programme’s at: https://brightonfestival.org/ and especially HERSTORY, The Informals II and HALO which my wonderful Lighthouse colleagues are bringing to the party.

Thanks for reading,


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For a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, David Cameron has a remarkable ability to attract bad luck. His decision to bet the country’s future on the result of a referendum on the European Union was one of the most disastrous gambles in British history, up there with Lord North’s decision to impose taxes on tea in the American colonies. Now his post-political career is collapsing in ruins.

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